October 24, 2017

Evaluation Lesson

Evaluation lessons are for clients who have previous riding experience and are looking to get back into a riding program.  Our $75 evaluation lesson is an hour and a half in which you tack up the horse, ride for 30 min, and untack the horse.  We evaluate your ability to take care of the horse, tack and untack, and your current level of riding.  At the end of the lesson we will be able to make recommendations about whether you should continue in private lessons, group lessons, or start an introductory package.  Please contact the office at 757-566-0666 or info@stonehousestables.com to schedule your riding time.  Students who would benefit from our introductory package to get back into riding may apply the cost of the evaluation lesson to the cost of the package and use it as the first of the five lessons in the package.