August 22, 2017

Mommy & Me Lessons

Off to Leadline! Future Show Team Members!

Stonehouse Stables is happy to offer these unique classes designed to teach either a Mom or Dad and their child the basics of horsemanship and riding.  Lessons are offered for youth riders ages 5- 7 and one adult.  The youth rider must have completed the Youth Package and be able to ride at the walk and trot safely on their own. The adult must be able to ride at the walk and trot safely on their own or complete the Introductory Package before starting the Mommy and Me lessons.

Lessons are offered on a monthly basis at the cost of $325, which includes both riders.  Lessons will be 1 hour long once a week.  The first 25 minutes will be spent with an instructor helping the youth rider groom and tack up while the adult grooms and tacks up their horse.  The next 30 minutes will be the riding lesson.  The last 5 minutes will be spent by the instructor un-tacking the youth rider’s horse.  The adult and youth are responsible for the grooming and tack cleaning for both horses.