October 20, 2014

Winter Series Horse Shows

Line Up

The Winter Series Horse Shows are full of fun and spirit! The Stonehouse Stables Winter Series Horse Show begin in November and consist of one show a month through March.  These shows are great for riders to get a taste of horse showing as well as keeping the more seasoned riders “tuned up” for next show season.  Each show has a different  fun class added to the schedule that goes along with the theme of the series, which changes every year.   The final show in March there will be a Classic added to the schedule.  This class requires series membership as well as qualifying horse shows.   Below you can view a sample schedule of a typical Winter Series Horse Show.

Wait there’s more! Each Winter Series Member receives one complimentary ticket to attend the Winter Series Banquet.  The Banquet is scheduled to take place at the end of the series, typically late March.  Each banquet is fun-filled family celebration and awards ceremony planned around the Winter Series theme.

2014-15 Winter Series Show dates are November 8 ,December 6th, January 10th, February 7th, and March 14th. The Winter Series Banquet is March 21, 2015.

For more information about the Winter Series call 757-566-0666 , or ask your trainer today.

Winter Series Registration Form 14 -15

Winter Series Entry Blank 2015

Show starts at 10:00 am (Weather Permitting)

WinterSeries Prizelist 2015

Ring 2

  1. Banquet Benefit Fun Class
  2. Junior Varsity & Futures IEA Equitation on the Flat (Not to be held March 1st)
  3. Junior Varsity & Futures IEA Equitation Over Fences (Not to be held March 1st)
  4. Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation- Walk and 2 Point
  5. Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation- Walk/Trot
  6. Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation- Course of Poles
  7. Un-Judged Short/ Long Stirrup Warm Up
  8. Short/ Long Stirrup Equitation Under Saddle
  9. Short/ Long Stirrup Equitation- Over Fences
  10. Short/ Long Stirrup Equitation- Over Fences
  11. Stonehouse Hunter Pleasure- Walk/Trot
  12. Stonehouse Hunter Pleasure- Go as You Please
  13. Stonehouse Hunter Pleasure- Walk/Trot/Canter

Ring 1

  1. Un-judged Warm Up
  2. Professional Hunter –Over Fences
  3. Professional Hunter – Over Fences
  4. Professional Hunter Under Saddle
  5. Stonehouse Equitation
  6. Stonehouse Hunter
  7. Stonehouse Hunter
  8. Stonehouse Hunter Under Saddle
  9. Novice Equtation – Over Fences
  10. Novice Equtation – Over Fences
  11. Novice Equitation Under Saddle
  12. Student Equitation- Over Fences
  13. Student Equitation- Over Fences
  14. Student Equitation Under Saddle
  15. Varsity IEA Equitation on the Flat
  16. Varsity IEA Equitation – Over Fences
  17. Stonehouse Stables Hunter Classic