January 20, 2018

2017 Show Team

Abigail (AGB) has been riding since she was 18 months old but really started to develop her riding skills at age 5.  She has been a show team member since 2010.  She is currently showing her horse, Out of the Box a.k.a. Jack. Abigail has had many past accomplishments. However, her biggest accomplishment so far this year is qualifying for VHSA Medal Finals and winning Grand Champion at the Deep Run A Show.  She is currently showing 3ft. When she is not riding, Abigail likes to work in the barn, swim and spend time with her friends.


Susan has been riding for seven years, but this is her first year as a Stonehouse show team member! Susan has owned her horse Stole My Heart, also known as Eli, for a year now. Susan and Eli will be showing in divisions such as Junior pleasure, 14 & under equitation on the flat, Children’s/Adults hunter, and Children’s/Adults equitation. Some of her accomplishments are that she won reserve champion in Special Hunter at VHSA Finals in 2015.  She also placed 4th this year in Student Equitation in the Stonehouse Winter Series.  She has attended IEA regionals in both 2016 & 2017. Her favorite thing about riding is the horses and all the fun times. This year she hopes that her and Eli can grow as a team, and have lots of fun at shows!


Abigail is in 10th grade and has been riding competitively since she was eight.  She started riding on her welsh pony Munchkin, who she still has but is only 13.3 hands tall.  This show season she will be competing on Cactus Pete, AKA “Pip” in the CH/AA Division. This will be her fourth season on Show Team and fifth year on the IEA Team.  In 2015 she was Reserve Champion for short stirrup in the Stonehouse Winter series. In 2016 she qualified and competed in Regionals for IEA in Junior Varsity Novice over fences at Chatham Hall.  In the 2017 Stonehouse Winter series she was triple Reserve Champion for, Student Equitation, Stonehouse Equitation, and  CH/AA Hunters.  Her proudest accomplishment was winning the Championship twice this past spring of 2017 on Pip at Coventry and Lance and Bridle for both CH/AA Hunters and Equitation. Abigail’s favorite thing about riding is grooming, jumping, and long trail rides. Abigail will be competing over 2” jumps this season. When she is not riding she is solving puzzles, working on math problems for fun, reading science fiction novels, or practicing piano.  She loves Stonehouse, and her goal is to learn as much as she can with her coaches Tara and Karen.


Allie has been riding for six years, and this is her second year as a Stonehouse Stables show team member. She is the owner of The Happy Camper AKA Ollie. This year, she will be showing in junior/amateur schooling hunter, children’s hunter and children’s equitation. Her past accomplishments include winning 15-17 equitation on the flat for CHSA in 2016, winning CHSA junior pleasure 2016 as well as winning junior pleasure for the state (VHSA), and receiving champion at last year’s VHSA Finals in 2’6 Special Hunter. Her goal this season is to enjoy spending time with her horse and team. Her favorite thing about riding is the connection between a horse and rider and getting to spend time with Ollie.


Aly has been riding since she was very young. She rides her horse Mount Olympus who she has owned for 3 years. This year Beamer and Aly are showing in various divisions at different shows including, green hunters, adult amateur hunter, adult amateur equitation, adult pleasure and equitation on the flat! Some awards that she is most proud of from this past year are receiving 4th place in the state (VHSA) for adult equitation on the flat, and winning champion for CHSA adult equitation on the flat. This May, Aly also took Beamer to his first rated show and he received champion in the local junior/amateur division. Her goal for this season is to enjoy every ride on Beamer and hopefully get him ready to move up to the 3’ greens by the second half of the year. Aly’s favorite thing about riding has been seeing Beamer grow since she has gotten him.  Seeing the trust he puts in her when there’s something a little scary to him and seeing how he tries for her every day. Aly wants everyone to know how much she loves being a member of the Stonehouse Stables family.  She also hopes everyone on the Show Team does well this year!



 Christopher has been riding for 7 years. He has been a member of the show team for 6 years. Christopher’s partner this show season is Rio, an Oldenburg gelding owned by Jessica Craig.  He is showing in the Schooling Hunter Division at 2’6″ this year.  In the past Chris has won many ribbons in the VSHA, CHSA and Stonehouse Winter Series shows.  Christopher has also been actively involved in IEA for 4 years and competes with this team as well.  We are most proud to announce that Christopher has also been recognized by the USEF for completing all of the requirements for the USEF High School Equestrian Athlete Program and has been awarded a  Varsity letter for his sport for the academic year 2015/16 and 2016/17.    His goal this show season is to practice his performance over 2’6″ and improve his riding skills.  Christopher’s favorite thing about riding is hanging out with the horses and teammates at the stables, supporting his friends and also jumping because it’s just a lot of fun. In his spare time he likes to just come out and volunteer around the stables.


Emily has been riding FOREVER! And has been a part of the Stonehouse Show Team since its inception.  She will be showing her very own horse named Dietric, aka Theo, in the Adult Hunter and Equitation Divisions.  In the past she has been Reserve Champion in Green Hunter, Adult Hunter, and Adult Equitation.  However, her goals this season is to ride quality hunter rounds, and to attend more than one A show.  Emily’s favorite things about riding is sunshine, fresh air, and the smell of hay.



Kate has been riding for eight years, and has been on the show team for four years.  Kate owns her horse, Ashgrove.  The barn affectionately calls him Ash, or Ashcakes. This year, Kate is showing in Junior Pleasure, Equitation on the Flat (14 and under), Children’s Adult/Amateur Hunter and Children’s Adult Amateur Equitation.  Kate’s goal this show season is to prepare herself to do the Thoroughbred Hunter Division next year.  When pressed to pick a favorite aspect of riding, Kate says it’s getting to hang out with, and take care, of Ash.


LeAnn remembers having the occasional opportunity  to ride a friend’s horse when she was growing up but it wasn’t until she became an adult did her horse dreams become a reality. LeAnn has been a rider at Stonehouse Stables for just over 15 years.  Currently, she owns a 10-year old  Palomino Paint mare  “What’s up Buttercup”, or simply, Miss B-cup.  Buttercup was just 6 months old when she made the long trip from a family farm in North Dakota.  In the past, LeAnn has loaned Buttercup out and allowed her to shine as a superstar IEA horse – making many riders around Virginia look good!  This summer, LeAnn and Buttercup will partner in Adult Pleasure, Special Hunter, and currently CH/AA Hunter and Ch/AA Equitation 2’.  Every year, LeAnn’s goal is to be a great partner to her dream horse, Buttercup!


Lu Ann began riding at Stonehouse in 2000, after two decades out of the saddle. She’s been on the show team since it started, and now owns and shows Land Shark (Fin).  In 2017, she moved into Ring 1, where she competes in Schooling Hunter and Jr/Am Schooling.  In the past, with other horses, she won CHSA’s Ch/Ad Equitation Division and had good end-of-the-year ribbons in Ch/Ad Hunter and Special Hunter. This year, her ambitions are rhythm, quietness, and “feeling,” and she looks forward to even better bonding with Fin.


Mya has been riding for over 9 years and this will be her 4th year on the Stonehouse Show Team.  Mya will compete with a horse named Moby, also known as Hangtime, in the Children’s/AA Hunter and Equitation Divisions.  She will also show in the 15-17 Equitation on the flat.  Some of Mya’s past accomplishments include 3rd place in the Stonehouse Stables Winter Series Classic, 1st place in the Stonehouse Stables Winter Series Student Equitation, and the My Pal Al Sportsmanship Award.  Mya’s goal this show season is to learn how to control Moby around a 2’6″ course.  She also loves to pass time at the barn, bond with Moby, and hang out with her teammates.  When she is not riding, Mya loves watching The Flash and other superhero shows, drawing, and making treats for all her favorite horses.



Olivia is a 13-year old at Toano Middle School, has a lot to look forward to this show season.  Olivia, who started riding in 2012, said her favorite thing about riding at Stonehouse is experiencing the connection between horse and rider.  Her favorite thing about being on the show team is the comradery and true sense of family the riders share.  She is excited for this year’s show season and will jump 2’9” with In my Pocket, aka “Digby”.  When asked about life lessons that horses have taught her, Olivia said she can, “expect the unexpected” in any situation.   A good student at Toano Middle School, this 7th grader says her favorite subject is history and she is considering a career as a teacher or mounted police officer.  When she is not riding Olivia loves watching Parks & Recreation or Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.


Kayla has been riding for about 10 years and has been a member of the show team for 2 years. She has her own horse who is an Appaloosa gelding named Junior Goodbar. One of her favorite accomplishments is winning a class in the Stonehouse winter series show. Her goal for this show season is to try to win pleasure at an away show. Her favorite thing about riding is all of the friends that she has made at Stonehouse Stables.



Emily is 11 years old and has been riding for about 3 years.  She started riding at Stonehouse in a summer camp and hasn’t stopped!  She says she loves everything about riding at Stonehouse including her instructors Stephanie and Merri.  Emily joined the show team this year and has already taken part in 2 away shows.  She says it was really exciting  to load and travel with the horses in the trailer. Elvis and Luck behaved very well for her.  Emily loves all the horses she rides and she appreciates their different personalities and it helps to make her lessons fun.  Luck is very special to Emily as he is so loving but he does need that extra push sometimes.  To reward him after a good ride, Emily likes to spoil him with lots of love and treats.  Emily’s goal is to become a professional horse jumper when she is older and she knows that it will take lots of hard work.  She thinks it would be great to do something you truly love!


Bella took her very first riding lesson at Stonehouse Stables on her fifth birthday and started competing in Stonehouse Winter Series shows at age six. She was a member of Junior Show Team for two years competing in short stirrup and pony pleasure to include competing in MPHSA shows last year. Recently turning 11, this will be Bella’s first summer competing at CHSA shows in the Children’s Pony Hunter & Equitation divisions. Her favorite mount is Rock N’ Roll (Elvis) owned by Stonehouse Stables. Previously a member of the IEA prep team, Bella is ecstatic to finally be eligible to join the IEA Middle School Team as she enters sixth grade this fall!   Bella has won numerous Champion/Reserve Champion ribbons in multiple divisions with her most notable successes being 2016 Stonehouse Winter Series Classic champion (junior) and recipient of the 2014 Stonehouse Winter Series Most Improved Rider (junior) award.  Her 2017 goal is jumping 2’3” and improving equitation. When not riding, Bella enjoys music/singing (especially Colbie Caillat) and playing with her three cats, three ferrets, dog and turtle.


Vicky has been riding for five years and this is her second year as a member of the Stonehouse stable show team. She leases Oh Henry who is known as Henry. She will be showing in Children’s/adult amateur hunter, Children’s/adult amateur equitation, Junior Pleasure, and Equitation on the flat (15-17). Last year she placed third in both of her divisions when she competed in MPHSA and placing fourth in beginner equitation in the Stonehouse stables winter series. Her goal this show season is to improve her riding in order to allow Henry to perform better as well as preparing herself for her second year as a member of the IEA team. Her favorite thing about riding is getting to hang out with the horses and learning new techniques to help her ride.


Ellie has been riding for almost five years now and she’s very excited for her first year on the Stonehouse show team!  She is coming off a memorable Winter Series at Stonehouse where she was honored with the Most Improved Rider Award.  This show season, Ellie’s goal is to do well, have lots of fun, and learn all she can.  Her favorite things to do are hang out with the horses and she also loves pie!





Kim (bio coming soon)






Summer is a twelve-year-old, who has been riding since she was six. This is her first year on the show team. She is currently riding Rock ‘N Roll (Elvis), and Oliver Twist (Oliver) and is showing in Children’s Pony Hunter and Equitation. In the past IEA season, she placed fourth at regionals. Her goal this show season is to learn as much as she can and have lots of fun. Her favorite part about riding is that no matter how many times you ride the same horse it will always be different. Along with horseback riding she competes internationally in Irish dance.


Allie rode for four years before taking a break.  She has been back at Stonehouse riding for the last year.  She is currently competing on Chip (Smart Cookie) and they are showing together in Beginner Equitation and Children/Adult Hunter divisions.  This is Ellie’s first year on the Stonehouse show team and she is excited to learn more about competitions and how to become a better rider and horsewoman.




Rachel has loved horses her entire life. She has been riding at Stonehouse Stables almost 8 years. Her favorite part of horseback riding is competing at horse shows. This will be Rachel’s fifth year as a member of Stonehouse Stable’s Show Team. This year Rachel is thrilled to be riding her very own horse, Chancellor’s Reign (Chance). She and Chance have only been riding together since May but they are already placing well and improving with every show. Her goal for this season is to place in Horse Pleasure and Beginner Equitation in the MPHSA show finals. Rachel is currently showing at the 2’ level and she most recently finished 3rd overall in the Student Equitation division in Stonehouse Stable’s Winter Show Series. She is looking forward to another great year on the 2017 Show Team.


Caitlin has been riding for a total of seven years – she actually began riding at Stonehouse when she was just five and a half years old!  This is Caitlin’s second year on the show team.  This season she is showing In the Spotlight, or Spot, to his friends around the barn.  Caitlin is excited to be showing in Beginner Equitation at 2’ as well as the Junior Pleasure division.  Last year, Caitlin and Elvis placed third in final points in the MPHSA pony pleasure division and this year she’s working toward a champion ribbon in beginner equitation.  Caitlin says she loves spending time with Spot and her friends at the barn when she’s not horse showing!


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Haley is a freshman at Bruton High School . Haley is currently riding her horse Short Notice a.k.a Bubba.  She is also training her 3 year old pony Imagine That a.k.a Lil.  Lil is beginning to jump small courses. She hopes show her pony next year. Her biggest accomplishment is winning a year end champion award in the CHSA show circuit on her previous pony Rumor Has It a.k.a Rue. Haley is a member of our IEA team as well. During her free time Haley likes to read and listen to music.  Haley also works at the barn as an assistant camp counselor.