May 23, 2017

2016 Show Team

Abigail & Digby FinalsAbigail has been riding since she was 18 months old but really started to develop her riding skills at age 5.  She has been a show team member since 2010.  Abigail currently owns In My Pocket, aka Digby.  She also owns a cute pony that she had the honors of naming herself, Big Heart, but everyone else knows him as Hearty. She is showing will be showing Digby in Large Pony Hunter division this season.  Abigail has had many past accomplishments.  Some accomplishments that she is most proud of include: 2013 CHSA Children’s Pony Equitation and Hunter Year-End Champion, 2013 Winter Series Most Improved Rider, 2013 Short Stirrup Equitation Winter Series Champion, placed 3rd in the 2013 Winters Series Classic, and 2012 HITS Short Stirrup Reserve Champion.  And most recently, she was the year end 2014 Special hunter champion on the CHSA circuit.  She loves everything about riding including jumping, trail riding, and bareback fun!
IMG_1865Abigail is in 8th grade and has been riding since she was eight.  She started riding on her welsh pony Munchkin, who she still has but is only 13.3 hands tall.  This show season she will be riding Cactus Pete, AKA “Pip”. This will be her third season on Show Team and fourth year on the IEA Team.  In 2014 she was Reserve Champion for short stirrup in the Stonehouse Winter series.  Her proudest accomplishment was winning the Championship on “Chip” at Deep Run in 2015.  Abigail’s favorite thing about riding is grooming, jumping, and hacking out on long trail rides. Abigail will be competing over 2” jumps this season, hoping to start showing at 2’6″ by the end of 2016. When she is not riding she is solving puzzles, working on math problems for fun, buried in a science fiction novel, or practicing piano.  She loves Stonehouse and her goal is to learn as much as she can with her coach Tara!


allieMAllie has been riding for five years, but this is her first time as a Stonehouse Stables show team member. She is the owner of The Happy Camper AKA Ollie. This year, she will be showing in junior pleasure, 15-17 equitation on the flat, children’s/adult amateur hunter and children’s/adult amateur equitation. Her past accomplishments include 3rd for CHSA junior pleasure 2015, 1st for the Stonehouse Stables hunter pleasure in the winter series and 3rd for the Stonehouse Stables equitation on the flat. Her goal this season is to enjoy spending time with her horse and team. Her favorite thing about riding is the connection between a horse and rider and getting to spend time with horses.


AlyAly has been riding for 17 years and is excited to be back for her second year as a member of the Stonehouse Stables show team. She rides her horse Mount Olympus who she has owned for 2 years. This year Beamer and Aly are showing in green hunters, adult amateur hunter, adult amateur equitation, and equitation on the flat! Some awards that she is most proud of from this past year are receiving 3rd place in the state (VHSA) for adult equitation on the flat, and winning champion for CHSA in both children’s/adult amateur hunter and ch/aa equitation. Her goal for this season is to give Beamer some good rides at 2’9 in the big ring and to hopefully move up to doing some 3′ by the end of the year. Aly’s favorite thing about riding has been seeing Beamer grow since she has gotten him.  Seeing the trust he’s put in her when there’s something a little scary to him, helping him get over his fear of trailers, and just seeing how he tries for her every day. Aly wants everyone to know how much she loves being a member of the Stonehouse Stables family.  She also hopes everyone on the Show Teams does well this year!

Ashley has been riding for eight years, and has been a part of Show Team for five.  This year she will riding her horse Home Again, aka Ben.  The pair will be competing in Children’s/Adult Hunter and Equitation Divisions (and maybe the VHSA Children’s Hunters) on the CHSA Show Circuit.  Some of Ashley most recent accomplishments include 2014 Winter Series Novice Equitation Champion.  Ashley’s favorite thing about riding is the horse, so naturally her goal this season is to have fun riding Ben at each show.



Audrey has been riding off an on for her entire life.  She was introduced to the sport by her mother, Beverly Ogden, as soon as she was old enough to sit up on a horse.  Audrey’s family currently owns a pony, Be My Romeo, a Thoroughbred, Catch Em all, and a new horse, Southern Style, a Westphalian gelding.  In her youth, Audrey was an active member of the United States Pony Clubs and local show circuits and competed in show jumping, cross country and dressage.  After developing her career as a registered nurse, raising her 3 boys into their teen years and traveling for 20 years supporting her active duty husband, she is returning to the show circuit in the Hunter arena.  She is currently a member of the USEF, VHSA and CHSA and an active member of the Stonehouse Stables show team.  Recently she received Champion in Novice Pleasure and 3rd in Beginner Equitation in the Stonehouse Winter show series for 2015-2016.  She is competing this year in the Special Hunter 2′ division and the VHSA Equitation on the flat with Romeo.  Her goals this season include improving her equitation skills and performance over fences.  In her spare time away from the corporate health care environment, she enjoys time with her family and at the stable riding.  She has passed on her love of the sport to her son, Christopher, who is also an avid equestrian and on the Stonehouse show team as well and spends many hours supporting him.  One of her favorite quotes is, “Life is about doing something you love and never giving up.”  She encourages all aspiring Adult Amateurs to dust of their boots and get back in the saddle again.


ChrisSChristopher has been riding for almost 6 years. He has been a member of the show team for 5 years. Christopher’s family owns a pony named Be My Romeo, a Thoroughbred named Catch Em All,  and his new current mount, Southern Style, aka Winchester.  Winchester is a young, 6 year old Westphalian gelding.  This will be their first CHSA show season together.  He is showing in the Children’s/Adult Hunter Division ,the Children’s/Adult Equitation Division and Children’s Pleasure division this year.  In the past Chris has won many ribbons in the VSHA, CHSA and Stonehouse Winter Series shows.  He placed 3rd in the CHSA Children’s Pleasure division for 2015 on his lease horse, at the time, Milestone.   Christopher has also been actively involved in IEA for 3 years and competes with this team as well.  We are most proud to announce that Christopher has also been recognized by the USEF for completing all of the requirements for the USEF High School Equestrian Athlete Program and has been awarded a  Varsity letter for his sport for the academic year 2015-2016.    His goal this show season is to practice his performance over 2′ and 2’6″ and improve his riding skills while developing his new horse.  Christopher’s favorite thing about riding is hanging out with the horses and teammates at the stables, supporting his friends and also jumping because it’s just a lot of fun. In his spare time he likes to just come out and volunteer around the stables.


Emily has been riding FOREVER! And has been a part of the Stonehouse Show Team since its inception.  She will be showing her very own horse named Dietric, aka Theo, in the Adult Hunter and Equitation Divisions.  In the past she has been Reserve Champion in Green Hunter, Adult Hunter, and Adult Equitation.  However, her goals this season is to ride quality hunter rounds, and to attend more than one A show.  Emily’s favorite things about riding is sunshine, fresh air, and the smell of hay.




kateKate has been riding for for seven years and  recently purchased Ashgrove aka Ash. Her goal this show season is to strengthen her bond with Ash. Kate’s favorite part about riding is getting to know all the different horses she rides. (Photo Credit: LeAnn Marsh)




LeAnn;  While growing up there was an occasional opportunity  to ride a friend’s horse,  until becoming an adult did the dream hobby become a reality.  Having been a part of the Stoneshouse Stables for a little over 14 years and in that time has owned and boarded  a horse for the past 13 years.  Currently, owning a 9 year old  Palomino Paint mare  “What’s up Buttercup “ or just simply Miss B-cup.  The story behind how she got her nick name , her Mommy was a little rushed for time and signed  B-Cup on all of  her supplement packs to finish quicker.  Buttercup made her  way to Stonehouse Stables at young age of 6 months from North Dakota and under the wonderful care of Tara. The Buttercup team started showing in 2012.  Showing in a few divisions along the way, from Adult Pleasure, Special and currently CH/AA Hunter and Ch/AA Equitation 2’.  The Goal each year is to be the best partner to my Best Friend Buttercup, My DREAM COME TRUE!!!



loganLogan has been riding for 9 years and has been a show team member for 5 years.  Currently, she is half leasing Hangtime.  This show season, she will be showing in the VHSA Children’s Medal.  During the 2013-2014 show season, Logan won reserve champion in the VHSA Children’s Equitation, champion in the CHSA Junior equitation, and was awarded the CHSA South Beach Equitation trophy for most points accrued in any equitation class on the circuit.  Her former mount, Ashgrove, also won champion in the CHSA Children’s Hunter, reserve champion in the CHSA Thoroughbred Hunter, and placed third in the VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter. Last show season (2014-2015), Logan accrued the most points in the VHSA Children’s Medal and qualified for the VHSA Children’s Medal Finals and the Zone 3 Tad Coffin Junior Equitation Finals. Her goal for this show season is to qualify for the VHSA Children’s Medal Finals again and to compete in an A-rated classic or derby. One of her favorite things about riding is forming a bond with her horse. Building a trusting relationship is a fundamental part of success with any mount.


_DSC0181Lu Ann grew up riding as a child in the West, and after she moved to Virginia, she started at Stonehouse in 2000.  Lu Ann is the happy owner of Land Shark, also known as Fin. This 2016 season, Lu Ann and Fin will be in Ring 1 (!for the first time!),  showing in Adult Equitation on the Flat and Junior/Amateur Schooling; thankfully, Karen Hogue will be training Fin in Schooling Hunter.  In the past, Lu Ann won CHSA Ch/Ad Equ with Pip, placed in the top three for CHSA Special Hunter with Dear Prudence, and placed in the top five in CHSA Ch/Ad Hunter with Danika.  She also boasts a personal fall-off record of three times at a single horse show.  Lu Ann’s goal this show season is to feel, not think.  She looks forward to hanging out with the Stonehouse Team.


Mya has been riding for six years and this is her first year on Show Team.  She has currently been riding Mist your Chance, aka Misty, but has also ridden Rock N’ Roll (Elvis) and Like a Charm (Charm).  Mya will be competing in Short Stirrup this show season.  She is very proud to say that in her first year of competition she has won four 6th place ribbons, one 5th place ribbon, and one 3rd place ribbon.  She loves spending time at the stables and her goal this show season is to have lots of fun and to win at least one blue ribbon.  Mya would also like for others to know that her favorite horse is Misty and she loves to draw, especially horses!




oliviaOlivia Batten is a 12 year old at Toano Middle School, has a lot to look forward to this spring.  Olivia, who started riding in 2012, said her favorite thing about riding at Stonehouse is experiencing the connection between horse and rider.  Her favorite thing about being on the show team is the comradery and true sense of family the riders share.  She is excited for this year’s show season and will jump 2’6” with In my Pocket, aka “Digby”.  When asked about life lessons that horses have taught her, Olivia said she can, “expect the unexpected” in any situation.   A good student at Toano Middle School, this 6th grader says her favorite subject is history and she is considering a career as a teacher or mounted police officer.  When she is not riding Olivia loves watching Parks & Recreation or Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.




Stacey & Joey

Stacey returned to riding in 2012 after a 25 year break from the sport. Her only son, about to leave for college, was concerned about going and advised her to “get a hobby” to fill his absence. A dedicated rider in her childhood, she began the road back by signing up for recreational lessons once a week at Stonehouse Stables.  Nurtured by the fabulous trainers and patient school horses, C.B. and Charm, Stacey’s confidence and skills grew.  By March 2013, though, everything changed when one of Stonehouse’s most talented, but infamous, horses returned home. Stacey rode Joey (Milestone) three times before signing a lease and her new goal became to develop into the rider this former VHSA 2-year old Horse of the Year deserved.  “It was obvious that Joey was special – he has the magic,” Stacey said, “Tara knew I had the patience and humor to handle him and, in turn, he would tolerate my mistakes and let me work on myself.  We were a match.”  By August 2015, completely smitten by the horse and committed to the partnership, she purchased Joey and began preparing for the 2016 show season where they will tackle the very competitive Senior Hunter Pleasure Division and Children’s/Amateur Hunter and Equitation Divisions together.  When asked about her greatest strengths as a rider Stacey responded, “it’s definitely perseverance and gratitude. I came back to this later in life and I know it’s an uphill climb sometimes – I’m an underdog and I’m comfortable with that. I’ve definitely had some tough falls and low moments. Somehow, though, I always convince myself to get back up. Not only do I expect more from myself, but I owe so much to those around me that have trained me, supported me, and encouraged me along the way.  On my worst day in the ring I still know I’m the luckiest girl in the world – that’s a good feeling.”  When asked about goals for the season Stacey said she wants to demonstrate thoughtfulness in the ring, partnership with Joey, generosity towards teammates and trainers, and confidence as a rider. She hopes to finish the season at 2’6″ and possibly debut in the 2′ Maiden Division at a “A” show this summer.